Belk Black Friday 2018 Ads and Deals

Rafaella Sweaters $44.00 Reg. $88.00
Rafaella Jackets 50% Off
Rafaella Solid Quilted Jacket 50% Off Reg. $94.00
Rafaella Tops 50% Off
Rafaella Embellished Neck Top $21.50 Reg. $43.00
Rafaella Denims 50% Off Reg. $65.00
Denim with Benefits™ Skinny Jeans – Dark Indigo $32.50 Reg. $65.00
Rafaella Capes 50% Off
Rafaella Pants $42.50 Reg. $58.00
Rafaella Ponte Comfort Pull-On Pant 50% Off Reg. $58.00
Rafaella Petite Ponte Pant 50% Off Reg. $58.00
Grace Elements Jackets 50% Off
Sharagano Tops 50% Off
Sharagano Solid Shirt w/ Lace Cuffs 50% Off Reg. $68.00

Belk Black Friday Ad Scan 2017



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